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GOPALNAGAR SHUVAYAN is a non-profit organization of Gopalnagar, Purulia started its journey in 1997. It has been Twenty three years of excitement, hope, occasional bouts of disappointment, and lots of good learning outcomes for children. This has been done with the help of over different donors of our society who, over the Twenty three years, have given us the contribution of their hard-earned money. This has also been done with the help of many people – the members within Gopalnagar Shuvayan, the volunteers who have implemented programs in communities, the support teams in administration, accounts, auditors, and many others.

The activities of Gopalnagar Shuvayan is linked with the idea of the “Village”. The Village comprises all stakeholders outside the classroom who are important to the process of education in schools – parents, Gram Panchayat members, elected representatives, School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMCs), and youth.

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Each one of us has the capacity to make a difference and help lend a helping hand to the less fortunate around us. Your strong intent to make a difference, can take the form of engaging in campaigns for the betterment of the society, volunteering and working directly with communities, supporting fund raising and monetary contributions to the causes of your choice. Be a part of our endeavour to work for the marginalised.

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Gopalnagar Shuvayan established and developed institutions for the underprivileged people and to uplift the society with Educational and Social aspects in respect of Non-profit making view and aim. Get involved today to fulfill our dream to make India a better place where every person will have minimum education and social responsibility.

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