Educational Program Activities

Gopalnagar Shuvayan reached basic support to start coaching institutions & informal setups across 10 villages. Especially more than 100 school Kits were reached out to children. All of the Gopalnagar Shuvayan programs are designed to achieve the broad goal of universal pre primary, primary, and secondary education.
All our models are below cost so that they can be implemented anywhere and scaled up to achieve large-scale impact. We believe that solutions to fill the gaps
in the education system should be available even in the remotest and most backward parts of the state. This led us to expand our work even to the most educationally backward regions of the Purulia District of West Bengal. Gopalnagar Shuvayan’s focus over the last academic year was on programs for improving English and Math skills among children. During the training, they overcame their initial shyness to make efforts to speak and promised to use English in the Classrooms as well for Primary and secondary students.

Math’s Classes for IX, X, XI, XI Activities

Gopalnagar Shuvayan trained Resource person Shadab Ahmed, a competent math teacher has imparted the training. Gopalnagar Shuvayan Math’s Program is aimed at improving math’s competencies in secondary and Senior Secondary students through the use of new pedagogy to succeed in secondary and senior secondary examination and competitive examination. Due to lack of knowledge and lack of technique the student of the rural area does not crack the entrance examination.
Three education Coaching centers have been set up in Kadlagora, Jitujuri, Sindurpur Village of Purulia. Gopalnagar Shuvayan started the centers last year to get
students from remote villages into school and educate them. Student learning is assessed at every stage with weekly tests. Those who reach the highest level are brought into the mainstream of education and a fresh batch of academically under-performing children enter the center. The Coaching Centre of Sindurpur, a village in Purulia district. The first batch of the student has completed where it has been running exceptionally well. Another batch of 35 students has registered for the next course.

Children Educational Camp Activities

Gopalnagar Shuvayan Children’s Camps were conducted during the summer holidays in May. These Camps took place in villages in Pialsola, Ladhna, Bewa, Amoi under Jamtara Block District Jamtara, Jharkhand. Gopalnagar Shuvayan conducted 10 Camps in villages, in which 549 children participated. These were one-of-a-kind education events in the villages.
The camps brought hope and awareness to communities something to look forward to learning from and act on. The objectives of the Children’s Camps were many: To sustain children’s interest in learning, to provide them with learning opportunities and space to explore their talents, make parents aware of their children’s learning; etc.
The Camps, spread over three days at each venue, were multi-purpose, inclusive events, and enriching for children and adults. People from all walks congregated – farmers, fruitsellers, traders, housewives, local leaders, Gram Panchayat representatives, school HMs, teacher’s professionals, and education officials. There were community meetings and discussions, illuminating talks, talent shows, and theatre by children, music art, and dance. Every activity had a pointed, loaded message – education. The skits children put up under the guidance of our teams were about the triumph of the educated child, the plight of the uneducated misfit, or the ill-treatment and discrimination of the girl child.

Vocational & Skill Development Programs Activities

At Gopalnagar Shuvayan, enabling self-reliance is the belief that permeates everything we do. We aim to impart education and training to children, youth, and women so that they can live a self-reliant life of dignity and respect. With this mind, we have set up several vocational training programs across all our projects. These programs provide marketable skills to the beneficiaries that can help them get competitive jobs. Since 2016, Gopalnagar Shuvayan has collaborated with two vocational centers in deprived areas, Manbazar and Gopalnagar, to fill the gap in quality training institutes that are accessible to the Rural poor.
Importantly, the Gopalnagar Shuvayan provides policymakers with a good set of practices and guidelines to promote the participation of underprivileged girls in technical and vocational education. Programs are eligible for girls 14 years and above. In 2019, the youth development program connected a total of 113 girls to diverse, market-relevant courses. All the courses offered to develop girls’ soft skills and provide personality development, leadership building, and sewing, lots of courses under computer, embroidery, spoken English, and team-work experience.

Awareness Program on Alcohol De-Addiction Activities

Gopalnagar Shuvayan organized an awareness program in Village Sahardal, Block Jamtara, and District Jamtara by a Team Of Doctors & Social Workers. In the program, our team explained the threat of alcohol and drugs. In school-aged children, alcohol, and other drug education programs are usually focused on developing resilience and good decision-making skills. Some strategies also target parents to role model responsible drinking behaviors and guide parents on how to talk to their children about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Agriculture Program Activities

Gopalnagar Shuvayan has pioneered the conservation of biodiversity and built a movement for the protection of small and marginal farmers. It is managed through the promotion of organic farming and fair trade to ensure the healthy, diverse and safe food, Gopalnagar Shuvayan so for trained 500 farmers it includes small, marginal, women farmers of rural area of Purulia District.
Gopalnagar Shuvayan is working with small, marginal, and women farmers the following activities are: Developing a sustainable organic farming system for improvement of soil fertility and production of safe and quality food. Motivating farmers to adopt the scientific way of organic farming methods. Organizing farmers into institutions which can help them to have better planning, greater control over their production, help to access resources and support, improve food security, and move up in the value chain.

Youth Awareness and Development Activities

Youth empowerment will be enhancing the status of young people, empowering them to build on their competencies and capabilities for life. It will enable them to contribute and benefit from a politically stable, economically viable, and legally supportive environment, ensuring their full participation as active. Gopalnagar Shuvayan is a survey, descriptive and analytical method of research.
This study is conducted in a rural area of District Purulia in West Bengal. Gopalnagar Shuvayan has taken the responsibility to create a favorable environment for rural youths to attain ‘equity’ and thereby assist them in their all-round development. The mission of our counseling team is to provide help through psychological interventions and promote change in the lives of every Youth in the rural area of Purulia District so that they reach optimum potential in work with health and happiness.